Biking with Bug

Miss Bug has taken to wanting to ride bikes with me from time to time. This is, of course, a very happy thing for me. We just ride locally, generally down to see a garden, and then up to a nearby trail, and then we do a bit of the trail. She’s going to need a new bike next year, but for now we are making this one work.



This is the view I get from my bike as I follow her along. 

On this particular day, she discovered the trails running alongside the paved trail and needed to check them out. 

20130710-140423.jpg 20130710-140433.jpg 20130710-140452.jpg 20130710-140359.jpg

Since she does some trail running with her father, she was loving this. 

We also went to the rose garden and took some photos. 

20130710-140625.jpg 20130710-140616.jpg 20130710-140555.jpg 20130710-140442.jpg 20130710-140500.jpg


And then we had to cut the trip for the emergency of needing to use the bathroom. It was a quick trip home!