Mulberry Silk

After spending a bunch of time plying the more than 10 oz. of Loop bumps this weekend, I finally have it all off the wheel and drying. This meant I could move on to my next project.

I decided to spin some mulberry silk. I’ve got a total of 4 oz, but I am starting with 2.



I spun from the fold, and it seems to have gone fairly well.



I just finished up the 2 oz. My idea is to ply this along with one of the loop bumps I’ve been spinning on the spindles. They have fairly similar color schemes, and I think I’d like to do a navajo 4 ply, with the chain being the loop bump and the silk being the extra carry along single. Since I am not sure I’ll need 4 oz. of silk, and suspect I won’t, I figured I’d start with 2 oz. and see where it takes me.

But, that is unlikely to happen any time soon, as tomorrow starts at 4:45 am and is jam packed with bike riding and socializing. All good things, but I am already overwhelmed!

Hopefully though, my huge skeins of loop bumps all plied up will be dry enough to photograph and count yardage!

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