Not a quick process

Knitting is not a quick process for me these days. I started a muji painting cowl at the beginning of April. To add interest to a very long project full of stockinette, I added a few rows of detail as I saw fit. The yarn is handspun I spun from wool I dyed, then blended with silk on my drum carder. The cowl is extremely soft and squishy. It is also super long, and if I pull it down over my shoulders, it feels like a cape with a cowl. It should be a very nice piece in the winter.


I do believe that the kitchener stitch is really what held me up at the end of this project. The idea of that much kitchener just made my soul tired. The closer I drew to being done, the longer it would languish between times of picking it up. And once it was done, I made even more excuses to not complete the project. Thankfully, once I needed the needles for other projects, I was actually able to find inspiration to get it done.


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