The Creative Process

It isn’t that this always happens to me, but when I want to try something new in spinning, knitting, or fiber prep, I get a little obsessive. I think about it, obsess over it, worry about it, consider all the options, fret that it might go terribly wrong, and then eventually try it anyhow.

That is precisely what happened with my latest spinning project. I am spinning up a loop bump that is slightly felted.


It has all these interesting colors, and I realized I had some mulberry silk that sort of coordinated with those colors.



My initial thought was that I’d spin up each separately and ply them into a 2 ply yarn. However, I feared that this would actually mean I couldn’t use up all my loop bump, fearing I would not have enough of the mulberry silk to complete the plying process. So then I thought perhaps it might be wise to try another navajo 4 ply. This time, the chained single would be the spun loop bump and the carried along single would be the mulberry silk.

I haven’t even finished spinning the loop bump, but the thought of trying to create this yarn really had me worked up, considering it on so many levels. So I decided to start by spinning 2 oz. of the mulberry silk on my wheel, while continuing to work on the loop bump on my spindles.



This is about 1 oz of the singles. And then, because I have a bunch of small balls of loop singles, I thought I’d get started on the plying rather than worrying that I’d mess up the silk and it wouldn’t look good. Better to just jump right in, right?



I think the yarn this is becoming is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the finished product! I am absolutely thrilled and excited over this yarn. The loop bump has a high concentration of sparkle, which coordinates very well with the shine of the silk single. I never tire of watching these two separate fibers meld into one very interesting barberpoled yarn.


6 thoughts on “The Creative Process

  1. I love how this yarn is turning out. Such an interesting combination. I don’t have that kind of creativity. This will be a fun one to keep an eye on how it turns out!

    • I would honestly categorize this one as “spinning parlor tricks.” I mean, in this case it adds a strand of interesting yarn to a wool that needs to keep its color progression. And I guess a case could be made for having a 4 ply that you can use all of, if you are working on something more solid in color, as you can flip which single you are chaining and end up using basically all of the yarn. But mostly? Parlor tricks.

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