One Full Bobbin

Progress has been made on the navajo 4 ply and I am still absolutely loving it. I am now into a section of the loop bump where the colors really coordinate nicely with the silk and the barberpole effect is less noticeable. It is still there though, and so it does blend nicely with the other sections. Sadly, I’ve run out of silk, I need to spin more before I can finish up. So, I am going to work on spinning the next 2 oz of silk, finish my wool singles, and I should have it done next week.


4 thoughts on “One Full Bobbin

    • Yep! Totally. Basically just a chain ply while holding an additional single and carrying it along. Quite a fun experiment.

      • Ah ok. That makes sense. My brain was bending trying to figure out how you could get an extra strand in there.

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