Vacation Spinning

Last year was the first vacation I’d taken spinning on. Why? Because prior to that, I was only a wheel spinner. Once I took up with the spindle, it expanded my ability to spin where ever I happened to be. So this year I decided to take 8 oz of wool and one tibetan spindle on vacation. I figured 8 oz. of wool was more than enough to occupy me, along with my knitting. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. I’d finished the singles of the first 4 oz. on the second day of my trip, by midday.

First, I panicked. Realizing I didn’t bring enough wool, I worried about running out, and I worried that I would not be able to find more wool. Once I quit panicking, I then decided to consider how I could make the wool I had last for the remainder of the trip. And I remembered that I have never plied anything on a support spindle.

Well, that should be enough of a learning curve to satisfy me! So, first I made a huge, 3 ply, plying ball. For this, my dad helped.



He made a rather effective and active lazy kate.

As an aside, there was much interest in the spindle laying on the table as well, and my dad and brother took turns spinning it. Dad’s amazing technique was to hold it upright with a spoon.




Once I finished my large 3 ply plying ball, I began to very clumsily ply on my tibetan spindle. It went just about how learning to spin on a tibetan went, which is not very well at all. As it is just a muscle memory practice, I put it aside not long after I began, and will pull it out and work on it some more today.



The wool is polwarth/silk from dyeabolical. The colorway called Golden Afternoon. I must be drawn to the bright greens with golds/browns/hints of other color. I’ve dyed very similar colors myself, and often choose these colors. I think it is beautiful and look forward to seeing it finished.



3 thoughts on “Vacation Spinning

  1. I keep hearing about this plying ball thing. Is it really that much easier for spinning overall? Or just a spindle thing? Awesome lazy kate/dad you have there. 🙂

    • I think it is predominately a spindle thing. I’ve not really tried it for wheel spinning. Might be worth a try though, the trick is to make sure all your strands are evenly tensioned when winding the ball. If you fail there, the ball will fail. For spindle spinning, I like it because you are only juggling one strand rather than 2 or 3, when trying to make the spindle spin as well.

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