Lintilla Update

While I AM crafting, I am having trouble finding the inspiration and time to take pictures and blog about it. It all started with a terrible terrible trip home from vacation. We ended up not being able to get out of the city the day we planned to return, and instead had to fly out a day later. Bug missed her first day of school, and I had to use another vacation day, and quite frankly we spent a significant amount of time in the airport two days in a row with the added stress of not knowing if we would get home, or if our luggage would, and that was far less than inspiring. Thus, our entry back into the world of routine was a bit more rough than one might expect.

Add to this the fact that our return has been quite busy in general with few spare moments for photographing and blogging, and I’ve just put it off completely, despite having some fun pictures from vacation and stories to tell.

So instead, my re entry into the blogging world will start with a simple picture of the Lintilla shawl I’ve been working on. It is out of a fractal spun 2 ply, and my addiction to it is quite intense It has been the perfect project to have on vacation and has managed to continue to capture my attention now that I am home. I am now working on the edging, and it the change in pattern has been nice.



We shall see if I can manage to follow this up with a post about spinning, a post about butterflies, and a post about steel. Yep, we  can totally be that random!

2 thoughts on “Lintilla Update

  1. This looks SO PRETTY. I love it & am totally jealous! My Printemps is part of a double-marl that I am looking at using soon. Amazing how incredibly different the same colorway has become at the hand of two different spinners — I just love that about spinning!

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