Raising Butterflies

Bug went on her annual vacation to my parent’s house in July. While there, she found caterpillars on my mom’s parsley plants. First she was nervous about them, but then she got accustomed to the idea of them, and decided to raise a few. She raised them in a jelly jar, and had surprising success.

We were a bit worried that they would not become swallowtail butterflies before we left to get back to our routines. But, the day before we were to leave, I checked them, and both of them had become butterflies.



2 butterflies emerging from their very small habitat.

One seemed stronger than the other, and quickly moved away from the jar.

20130821-083338.jpg 20130821-083347.jpg


The other hung out near the jar, and then it started to rain. The slower one crawled back into the jar to keep from getting wet, and the other crawled under some ivy.



In the end, the slower one clearly took the time to get strong, and flew away much earlier than the faster one. That one hung around all morning, even spending some time on my mom’s shoe and pant leg.



All in all, the butterflies turned out to be such a fun little treat during vacation, and completely unexpected! I suspect Bug will very much want to do it again next year.

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