After my last post…

My crafting time went away completely and I got very little extra done over the long weekend. Instead, there was swimming, wave pools, water slides, observation towers, and hiking and exploring in the woods. Oh, and also, labor day parades, dirt rides on the mountain bike, and time spent with friends. And an amazing amount of delicious food. All in all, extremely wonderful ways to spend our time, so I am not terribly upset about the lack of crafting time.


I did get a bit more done on the hitchhiker scarf, I am into the orange section now and it is still hard to put down.


And see that small skein of yarn there? That’s a chain ply from the leftover silk singles from that project. It is only 51 yards but it is pretty and soft. I am considering using it for the bind off on the hitchhiker. Do you think that would look odd, or just draw it all together?