I’ve been tasked with “doing something creative” with 3 acorns which were brought to me from Walden Pond. Due to the fact that I don’t believe I am a particularly creative person, this task has felt overwhelming. However, while laying in bed looking at my fiber stash (Yes, it is kept near the bed for the best inspiration) I found a little rogue creativity and decided on a project. The project may be somewhat long term but I started with step one.

Prior to having ever dreamed of purchasing fleece and processing it myself, I’d been sent some Jacob Fleece batts. The colors were mixed beautifully and the batts were in the grease. It was a fun spin, but it was certainly also difficult and the resulting yarn quite uneven and thicker than my usual. I ended up with 90 or so yards of 2 ply worsted weight yarn.

It has been sitting in my stash for years asking to be knit. But I never found an appropriate project for it. But, it plays a perfect part in what I am ready to do with those 3 acorns. I decided to knit a bowl for felting. It may not get felted until the weekend, but it is ready to go.



I also made two more dryer balls that are waiting to be felted. I might as well, after all!