Only 41 points on my hitchhiker scarf. And even then I had to use quite a bit of the silk chain ply. Which I am ok with, but even then I couldn’t manage all 42 points. That being said, the yarn is scrumptious, it is thicker than most hitchhikers would be, and it is very soft and squishy. I am well pleased!



I am also still working on Magrathea, which is going well but slow as it is staying at work. And, I’ve got more knitting up my sleeve, I am pretty close to being done with a baby vest. Though the weather has not yet changed, I seem to be feeling the change of season, adjusting accordingly, and desiring to be in with my various crafts. Cooking and cleaning and garden harvest have been awfully high on the list of desired activities as well. All of which I am finding very satisfying right now.

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