Time to…

Start blogging again.

It has been awhile, and quite frankly it was so busy that even the thought of trying to blog seemed overwhelming. Not to mention, it was busy enough that there wasn’t much crafting to show off.  There were spinning classes, which I will try to write about later. There was a wool festival as well, and a trip to New Mexico and so so much biking. Now that I am trying to get some blogging done again, perhaps some of those things will show up on the blog too.

In the meantime, I can show off a baby vest I just finished. Bug gave me some yarn for Christmas last year, and I decided that since I know of two baby boys entering the world early next year, I’d start knitting for them. To be honest I am a bit concerned that this vest is too wide and not long enough. And I reknit the collar twice because the first time I didn’t think a baby’s head would fit through the opening. It really isn’t my best work, I don’t think. But I did get it done and am on to another baby outfit I am quite excited about.


2 thoughts on “Time to…

  1. I was thinking exactly that, sometimes having extra length on a baby garment is just irritating. I am sure it would make a great doll vest if it doesn’t work as a baby vest. Always look on the bright side!

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