In my hopes to continue with blog posting, I took a bunch of photographs yesterday. While there hasn’t been a lot of crafting, there’s been some.

This weekend I dyed some locks from a CVM Romeldale fleece I’d washed last year. I used the crampot method, and they didn’t exactly turn out as I’d hoped. Not enough variegation, not enough differences in color. So I decided that I could use the drum carder and blend the dyed locks with the undyed locks, perhaps getting the effect I was looking for. Before the dyed locks were even dry enough to flick card, I’d pulled out my drum carder. Which led to being excited over the drum carder. Which led to pulling out all the wool and add ins that I have FOR the drum carder. Which led to me carding up some art batts.

See how that worked? I’d meant to do one thing and another thing happened. That pretty much sums up my crafting experience entirely. My creativity runs rather organically and I can’t really be pinned down to one thing at a time.

I snapped a quick picture last evening of the two batts I had complete. After that, I completed another batt, and there’s a fourth on the carder right now. Each batt is a bit different but staying within a certain color theme. Each may have different add ins and each of them were blended a bit differently. I don’t think that will be a problem in the end at all. And it gives me the added advantage of experimenting with the blending to see what I most prefer.



Of course, now I can’t WAIT to get started. And since I am limiting myself to a long term project, laceweight singles yarn that I have on my spindles, I am not allowed to start yet! I guess this will help me get motivated to finish up some other projects.

3 thoughts on “Continuing

  1. Those are really beautiful, I love that you were able to do something completely different and end up with something so awesome. The lace weight project sounds intense, but interesting. I would love to hear more about it.

  2. I’ll try to snap a few photos of where I am at with those singles tonight. It will give me something to blog about tomorrow. They are currently taking up 4 spindles, with some wound off and set aside as well, and I still have a chunk left to spin. While I should remove singles from one of the spindles to finish that chunk, I am lazy and do not want to. So I am desperately trying to fit that last chunk on the 4 already full spindles, a task which is quite slow.

  3. I’m still not sure what I think about art batts as a spinner. I think I will grow to appreciate them in their own time. I love your color sense on these.

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