A ton of crafting has been done in my house lately. But last night? Well, it rained all day and getting a decent picture was completely out of the question. So you’ll have to settle for an interlude.

You may recall that at one time I was making a small bowl to be felted. Unfortunately, while it got done awhile ago, I didn’t say much about it because I felt that it was a bit of a fail. I mean, the bowl wasn’t very small, and it is a little on the floppy side. But, it is done.

I put the acorns from Walden Pond in it. Then I decided to felt down some of my leftover balls of handspun. I put those in the felted bowl. And then I was handed an acorn with pine nuts in it on my New Mexico trip. It was picked up at the spa we went to. I put that in the felted bowl as well. The bowl has turned into a bit of a treasure chest of memories.



At the top, you can see a ball of undyed felted handspun, this is yarn I spun during on of my Jacey Boggs classes. Another memory. And you’ll also see in there a ball of felted scrap wool, the leftovers from flick carding a CVM Romeldale fleece. I figured I’d just give it a try and see what happened, and the resulting felted ball is quite interesting to me.

I still have ideas of making itty bitty knit acorns to add to this. But, I think this will just be an overall work in progress. It has been fun to put together, the projects have been small, and it suits my need for a bit of crafting during times when crafting is awfully light in my life.