Dyeing and Blending

My friend Marja has been doing a lot of babysitting for Bug lately, as well as other all around general awesome helpful friend stuff, and I wanted to do something special for her. I had it in my head that I’d dye some locks from my CVM Romeldale fleece that I’d already washed. I thought that the gray would work well with greens and blues, as evidenced by some I’d given Corrie and her son had dyed. I decided to crampot dye them, and did so. Unfortunately, not much of the gray showed through, and the colors were quite saturated. The effect was not at all what I wanted. Not at all. I wasn’t pleased.

Then I pulled out the drum carder, flicked some of the locks, blended them with the undyed gray locks, and ended up with some beautiful batts.



The above photo shows the batts, as well as flick carded and not yet flick carded locks, both dyed and undyed.



Let’s take a closer look at those batts, shall we? This is 3 passes through the drum carder and they are just lovely. I have 3 complete, and one more on the carder. Then they will be ready to pass off to Marja next time I see her. They are extremely soft, lofty, bouncy, and beautiful and I intend to make some of my own. And then dye more locks and make more batts in different colors, because why stop at one?

3 thoughts on “Dyeing and Blending

  1. I LOVE them. The colors are just so right for me. And I am just so flattered by the kind and thoughtful gift! These batts will be so special to spin.

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