Art Batts



I’ve spun two out of the five. They are quite wonderful. Not smooth but not crazy lumpy. The colors are beautiful. I believe they will remain as singles, and my estimate is that I’ll have around 375 yards. I think I will be knitting a cowl out of them.

The singles are a bit thicker than usual, perhaps a sport weight right now. Since I am saving them to wash all at once, I don’t know if they’ll bloom into something even thicker. But, I think there are many lovely cowls for sport or DK weight yarns.

In additional crafty news, I’ve got the last batt for Marja on its second pass through the drum carder. Just one more and we will be done. I plan to do some more dyeing this weekend since I would like some of these gorgeous batts for myself as well!

Have a great weekend!

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