Art Batts

Once I got started on spinning up the art batts, I couldn’t stop. They spun quite quickly, and I left them as singles. They are a fingering to sport weight single, and of course they are a bit thick and thin, and a bit slubby. They are entirely wonderful however, and I have already begun to knit with them. I estimate I have 535 yards of these.



I was pretty rough on these in finishing. Hot and cold sloshy bath, and then a decent beating. I did this not to get the yarn to bloom, but to make sure the singles were strong enough to knit with. They are not particularly energized, and while a single can’t be balanced, they aren’t spun tough enough to hold up to a lot of abuse, as I wanted them to be as balanced as possible. Thus, felting them a bit is a good way to make sure they will stand up to the abuse they’ll take while knitting them.

So far so good! I wound off one of the 5 skeins and began a cowl with them last evening. It is going quite well and the yarn really is beautiful!