Wheel Spinning

I have so much plying to be done, and I really don’t love plying on a spindle. So the wheel is to be used. However, I had a 4 oz. braid so close to being finished, that I refused to take that bobbin off the wheel and begin the spindle plying job. I set the goal to finish that first 4 oz of singles prior to plying my spindle spun singles.

On Tuesday evening, I finally managed to finish. I have another 4 oz. to spin before I ply this project, but I figured now is as good a time as any to show it off.



The wool is from one of dyeabolical’s fiber clubs. It is Finn wool, and it is a little “tacky.” This is probably not the correct description as there is nothing wrong with the wool. It is not felted, or under processed. Just, the nature of the wool is just kind of tacky.

I am fairly certain this yarn will end up being something for Bug. She loves colors like this, and I can’t imagine wearing them. Perhaps an entire set of warm stuff. But, I probably have 2 plying projects to finish before I get back to this one. And, a ton of knitting prior to Christmas!