Felted Slippers

These are the first two of probably 5 pairs I plan to knit this winter. I’ve been knitting them at work as to ease the pain of knitting something repeatedly. These have been felted once and will need additional felting, but since the owner’s feet aren’t near by, they are being sent off as is, with additional felting to be done once they are received.



These may have something to do with my knitting hand pain, so reserving the knitting to 4-5 days a week, only 45 minutes at a time helps considerably.

This weekend I’ve been working on plying my blue merino/silk laceweight singles. It is going well, but somewhat slowly as the resulting yarn is a very light fingering weight yarn. However, the yarn is gorgeous! And I am enjoying the process and watching the colors come together. Hopefully I’ll be done fairly soon in order to show off that skein.