Day #1 of vacation was yesterday. And I spent the entire day cleaning. I got started in the morning and was just too inspired to quit. I did the kind of cleaning we all need to do sometimes, but is completely uninspiring. The kind where we take the pillows off the couch and vacuum the couch, the kind where you dust and wash all the baseboards. That kind of cleaning. It felt really really good to get done, and I think it will make me feel much more relaxed during the week.

That being said, I didn’t have any time for crafting at all. So, I decided I’d take a picture of a project that has been on the needles for a bit now. I love it. It is a bias knit cowl I am knitting in the handspun singles I recently blended and spun.



The pattern calls for using two different size needles, and this makes for a waffle like soft squishy fabric that I am completely in love with. And it lends itself very well to the thick/thin nature of handspun. I am having trouble working on other stuff simply because this one is so addicting.