Christmas Knitting

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this Christmas will be a frugal one. So, much knitting is happening in this household. This is great for me, it has renewed my knitting interest a bit, and I am enjoying my progress. However, it is bad for the blog as my intention is to take pictures and then save them for after Christmas.

But, I did do some spinning. I have been working on that jacob fleece for a good long time now, I have spun through the darker colors and had 3 balls of gray in varying shades to ply. I finally got around to that yesterday. I am consistently amazed at the yarn this fleece makes. I basically start with some very very rustic looking singles, spin them long draw, ply, give it a very good thwack, and end up with this really bouncy yarn. Is it rustic? Heck yeah, but it also looks amazing.

This spin yielded 82 yards of worsted weight 3 ply. It really is wonderful tonal stuff and I can’t wait to use it, but since it is for a christmas gift, I won’t even be able to show you for a month!



I am afraid I’ve put myself in a bit of a bind with this gift though, I keep running out of yarn and needing to spin more. Not quite how I intended it to be, but  I suspect the end result will be worth it indeed.