Vacation Organization

While I took this week off to get crafting done, or more specifically, get some fleece washing done, that hasn’t happened at all. Instead, I’ve been doing deep cleaning around the house. Seeing as that feels wonderful and productive, I am not too upset. And I have plenty of fleece to process before I truly need to wash fleece again. No big loss.

One of my big jobs was the “toss the stash” job. I needed to reorganize my yarn cubes and I needed to do some dusting as well. I’ve been selling off yarn regularly, due to just not using commercial yarn very often and due to financial circumstances. I also have a lot more handspun than I used to, and it was all over the place. So, I reorganized, handspun in two cubes and the rest separated by weight. It looks much better now, and it is completely inspiring to study the cubes and consider what I can do with the yarn.


I also organized my knitting/crafting book cabinet and entered all the books and magazines in my ravelry library. This is very convenient when pattern searching, and I am excited to have it done.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a wonderful day.