Never Say Never

I used to say that knitting for pets was silly and a waste of time. This was, of course, just my own opinion, due in part to the fact that I do not own pets.

I grew up with cats, and had extremely limited contact with dogs. If you do not grow up with dogs, dogs are rather distressing animals. They are often jumpy and enthusiastic and needy and it is tough to deal with doggy nature when it isn’t something you’ve had the opportunity to get comfortable with. I’ve met dogs I liked well enough, and have found interesting. These are generally dogs who are well behaved but still have personality. However, I still don’t have a desire to own a dog, and little desire to interact with the dogs that I like well enough.

Except I met the sweetest dog ever. He’s an old boy, at 16, and he’s gentle and not the least bit needy or jumpy. He’s well behaved, and has a ton of personality. And he loves me too. Being an older dog, as soon as the weather gets really cold, he limps. What’s a knitter to do when her newest little buddy is cold? Yep, that’s right, I knit the dog some booties.



And oh my goodness, he loved those booties. He pranced around the house ears up, tail wagging, huge doggy smile on his face. So cute. Made me laugh SO HARD. And then his owner took him on a walk. Upon their return, dog comes in the house, head down, ears down, tail down, heads straight to a corner and sulks. Then dog’s owner comes in, head down, pout on his face. Apparently they managed to lose 3 out of 4 booties on their first try. They were SO disappointed. And really, it’s all my fault. I didn’t tie the booties very tightly because I was worried he’d hate me for them, or that it would hurt.

The dog booties will be searched for today, and if not found, I’ll make some more. They took no time at all really, and who can resist that cute happy doggy face?


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