And now I am done

All Christmas knitting and gift wrapping truly is done now, as I secretly finished Bug’s doll dress last evening. It was a bit of a race to the finish. I’d been knitting on the dress at work, but ran out of time. Once I brought it home, I knew I’d have to knit on it secretly. So, I woke up at 5:15 a.m. on Saturday morning and finished the knitting of the dress by 7 when Bug came downstairs. I soaked it in a bucket under my bed.

I then spent all morning trying to get that kid to take a shower, JUST so that I could block the dress in secret. By the time I finally won the shower argument, I’d forgotten about the dress. Toward the end of her shower, I was furiously pinning out the dress on a blocking board and shoving the entire board back under the bed. It was tense, but I got it done.

Last evening I sent Bug to bed, and began to seam the dress. I’d secretly taken Julie from her room before she went to sleep so I could try the dress on her and snap a photo. Unfortunately, as I was dressing the doll, I hear Bug coming downstairs. I am afraid I had to drop Julie rather unceremoniously behind the couch and throw a blanket over her in order to keep her hidden.

Thankfully, nothing actually went wrong with the knitting or the sizing of the dress, and it is now complete, wrapped, and placed in the stocking appropriately. It is good to at least have one hand knit for Miss Bug this Christmas.