A Scarf for my Father

I don’t typically knit for my father. I once knit him a pair of socks, but they were commandeered by my mom, I don’t think he really wore them. Last year though, I did knit him an ear warmer to wear while riding bike. As someone who doesn’t like riding bike with a hat on even in the cold myself, it doesn’t surprise me that he actually got some use out of it.

But, this year, since I was forced to knit most christmas gifts, I chose something very special. I’d been spinning on my jacob fleece batts for ages, and on looking for a scarf to knit for my dad, I got this great idea of knitting a horizontal gradient scarf. Using my jacob fleece yarn, I’d be staying with natural colors straight from the fleece and making something extremely unique.

I ended up having to spin far more than I expected, but I adore the resulting scarf. It is really very special. And I am considering a matching hat in the future.

20131204-105709.jpg 20131204-105657.jpg

I had trouble parting with this one as well, but the fact that I remembered that sheep keep growing fleece from year to year and I could always buy another jacob fleece and process it did help let this one out of my hands. I hope that my father is able to get some use out of it. Meanwhile, I was forced to start my own horizontal gradient scarf out of handspun. It is commercially dyed handspun, but similar effect.