Hobbit batts

Inglenook has been doing Hobbit themed batts for awhile now. I happen to have two of them in my stash. White Council, and Thorin Oakenshield. I managed to spin White council on spindles and ply on the wheel in only 2 days. This is a personal record for me. I’ve got about 200 yards of gorgeous gorgeous 2 ply yarn.



There’s actually a bit of purple in there as well, though it doesn’t seem to be readily apparent in the skein.



Thorin Oakenshield is ready to be plied as well, but I am saving it for Wednesday evening, as I’ll be doing a wheel plying lesson with my friend Marja, and I need something to do that with.

These two skeins, ideally each about 200 yards, will make a lovely striped scarf I believe. Both of them are gradients, and both have similar color schemes, though one is a bit brighter than the other. I have a feeling that these are going to get knit immediately after they are done being spun.

3 thoughts on “Hobbit batts

    • You’ll have to find her group on Ravelry, she posted about her last hobbit batt there, and if you put your name in ahead of time you were guaranteed to get one. Also, spinning from these type of batts? Highly addicting.

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