I’ve had some blue/brown enchanted knoll farms wool in my stash for years. It was such a lovely rich color but I just wasn’t inspired to spin it until recently. Then, I needed some singles to ply while teaching Marja to ply on her wheel, so I spun them up pretty quickly.

While I was spinning the singles, I spent a lot of time criticizing my work. I felt my singles uneven and not good. Then I plied and while I was liking my result, I continued to criticize. But once this skein was washed, I realized something. While I am completely critical during the yarn making process, I almost always love the finished product. I am not a machine and I don’t need to be even if I expect myself to be. In the end, handspun looks hand spun and that is what I like about it. So, I need to quit criticizing during the process of spinning because it can seriously harsh my mellow!

I ended up with 18o yards of 2 ply yarn. This is a case of the yarn not differing much from the dyed wool. There were no surprises in it. It just turned out beautifully and so full and bouncy.




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