Weekend Weaving

I spent Saturday at my loom. It has been a long while really, and I enjoyed my day of weaving immensely. I finished up a project I had on the loom, more on that later, and then started a new project.

Awhile back I posted about the gradient I’d spun from dyeabolical batts, and how they reminded me of the label on a bottle of blue moon beer. I’d decided to weave this yarn with a gold handspun. My idea was that the warp would be a vertical gradient, using the gold as the weft. I also decided to try my hand at an actual pattern rather than a plain weave.

I put the yarn on my warping board, having done my calculations. I felt like it was taking too much space on the board. I had this vague feeling of something being not quite right but didn’t indulge that feeling and double check until I was almost done with the warping board. Sure enough, I was about 2 yards short. So, I removed the entire warp and began again.

Once that was done, getting the warp onto the loom was a fairly easy process. I must admit, I like this part of weaving. It brings to mind the phrase “well begun is half done” each and every time I do it. I tend to take my time with this process and allow it to take as long as it needs to. I just hate the idea of making a mistake at this juncture.

And then I got started:



Since I am so new at this, I am in a constant state of learning. The lesson I learned here is that more contrast is necessary when working something that contains a pattern. On the right side, the pattern shows up well. But as the blue warp gets lighter, the pattern fades. This might seem obvious, but I was too excited about my idea to think it through. That being said, there’s still a chance it may change once the scarf is off the loom. The handspun wool warp stretches quite a bit so I can only imagine it will also bounce back quite a bit. Once it does, there’s a possibility that the pattern may be more obvious. That being said, I really do not have the experience behind me to know if this hypothesis could be true or no.

I think that might be what I am enjoying about weaving right now. There’s no predictability in it for me, it is ALL just experimentation.

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