Not that new

I’ve been working on an open knit laceweight cowl of a textured variety for quite some time now. I just devote time to it when I get the opportunity. It is for a friend of mine and she picked out the colors and textures. The yarns are sweet georgia cashsilk and shibui silk cloud. It is pretty much the softest thing I’ve ever knit.


The colors are pretty fabulous as well! I am just going to keep knitting on it as long as I can to make it quite wide. It is also nice and long. Should be a great wardrobe addition once it is complete.


Still Working

I may have been an absentee blogger lately but it hasn’t been for a lack of content. I’ve been knitting up a storm. And when not knitting, I’ve been doing a bit more weaving. It’s been lovely. I did take some pictures the other day, so now that I’ve got a free moment, I can show them off. One at a time though!

I’ve been working on a citron shawl for myself. My plan is to make this bigger, so though I am currently at the point where I would be putting the ruffle on it and calling it done, instead I am doing the math for additional sections. The yarn I picked up at our local yarn shop during their sale. I just really loved the colors and I can honestly say I don’t love them less now that it is knit, even though it may be a bit heavier on the yellow than I expected.




Pixie Hats for ALL!

Yeah I knit some adult size pixie hats because I couldn’t stand how cute they were. I used a handspun single paired with a coordinating handspun 2 ply. I’d purchased the fiber to go together originally, but then I’d just spun them separately. This was a great chance to put them back together. I got two hats out of them and then the ear warmer I posted yesterday.



And, I also took a better snapshot of the ear warmer since yesterday’s photo was pretty, but didn’t really show off the knit.



Warm Ears

I’ve been working on some bulky handspun knits. I did two hats which I will show off later, but are still drying. I then had some leftover yarn, so I knit an ear warmer. I will need to get better pictures, as the sun interfered with this one, but you can get the idea.



At least the sun is shining and the weather warm!

This and That

I’ve been spinning up small batts I’d purchased awhile back from dyeabolical yarns. They’ve been a fun little thing to work on since they don’t take terribly long to finish. A bit like spinning candy.



I don’t know the yardages on these, but they are all two ply. I’ve got some thinner stuff spun but it needs to be plied. Then I suppose I’ll need to get back to spinning some larger projects!

More handspun neck gaiters

Because the last two clearly were not enough, I decided to knit two more. These are just the most lovely things. Handspun is 2 ply, the wool from enchanted knoll farms.



I rather quickly gave away the last two, so at least one of these is going to be mine. All mine.