Handspun Handwoven

20140202-101154.jpg 20140202-101200.jpg

My adventures in weaving have continued. I decided I wanted to try a pattern this go around. And I wanted to use my blue gradient with my gold handspun.

The blue gradient is handspun 2 ply from dyeabolical batts. The gold is a handspun 2 ply yarn made from corgi hill farms lush batts. I like the vertical gradient for the warp. When I was weaving this, I was quite upset because it was hard to see the pattern in the lighter blue.

I was also upset with my edges, unhappy with it feeling like there was too much space between the weft, and I felt that the weft ends were too visible.

I can’t manage to give myself much of a break even when I am learning apparently. But, once it was off the loom and I gave it a good washing, which fulled it a bit, my edges became magically acceptable, the weft was perfect, and it became clear that the eye, when looking at the gradient, fades from seeing the blue in the darker blue areas to seeing the gold in the lighter blue areas, which is kind of cool. So all in all, a success.

I decided to do another scarf in the same pattern. I used the current warp to attach the new warp and pull it through. The new warp is commercial yarn, alpaca, and the weft is commercial yarn as well, a silk single. It looks completely different, and yet still absolutely lovely. And it will end up being the softest scarf around I do believe. I hope to have that one done mid week, and I can’t wait to show it off.


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