Not my handspun

It’s great fun to be friends with other spinners and then end up with their yarn. My friend Marja is a spinner, but not a knitter. And she recently handed over some of her yarn. The first one I wanted to knit with was from a batt she really didn’t love spinning, so I think it had a lot of poor connotations for her. But, I thought it was gorgeous and couldn’t wait to get started.

In the end, I wanted a cowl and I wanted something that was rather open. I decided to use a provisional cast on, then knit the Montego Bay scarf until I ran out of yarn, then kitchener the two ends for a cowl. I think it worked out quite well, and I love the result.



I keep offering this back to Marja, but I think she hated the spin so much that even the cowl can’t be pleasant. I can understand that. So, it may go on to someone else who will appreciate it quite a bit.