More woven wall hanging pieces

Awhile back I experimented with some corespun yarn, making a wall hanging for my house. But, I decided that it was too thin, and needed additional pieces. I used two more art batt yarns to make two more pieces. These are both shorter than the original piece.

The first up is an alpaca laceweight warp paired with a coreless corespun yarn. I think I am rather partial to this one, but I doubt I’ll try coreless corespun yarn again unless I suddenly come into a large amount of cash. It sure is a fiber eater.

20140304-172606.jpg 20140304-172612.jpg


This one turned out the funkiest, as Miss Bug would say. I am quite excited to hang it.

The third one is an art batt single. Because I was being lazy, I used the warp from the pink project to continue with this project. Which meant I didn’t get to use all the yarn. So, I added quite a bit of fringe on this one. This differentiates it from the others, as well as uses up more of my valuable handspun.

20140304-172617.jpg 20140304-172623.jpg


All of the wall hangings have an olive and lime green overtone, so they work quite well together. Once I have them hung up inside, I’ll take a picture.



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