Posting from the road.

I am sitting in my car making the long trek home after traveling to see a live show of Welcome to Nightvale. All I can say is, if you are a fan, do try to get to a live show. There is so much more material in the live show, as well as fantastic audience participation. Not to mention all the people watching. After all, your typical fan is certainly the type to think out of the box. All in all, a fantastic experience and well worth the long drive.

Over the weekend I decided to knit a headband with a flower out of a handspun gradient I creates some time ago. This gradient was perhaps some of my best yarn ever created, and knitting it did not disappoint.


I knit the headband, crocheted a flower, and knit 3 leaves to attach to the headband. It was a big hit for Bug and she was eager to wear it to the show.

We enjoyed dinner at a brewery before the show, and I grabbed a quick action shot as she scarfed up some homemade blueberry cobbler ice cream.

It is late, we are tired and happy, and I am feeling grateful for an extra day off tomorrow.

One thought on “Posting from the road.

  1. I had to look up that podcast after you posted about it. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but the concept really intrigues me! Glad you go go to a live show!

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