Both the title and the description of this weekend was Quality.

I got some major cleaning, sorting, organizing, and purging done early on Saturday. There’s always more to be done, but it was a major accomplishment. I then got some quality knitting time, working on a laceweight tunic I have begun.

On that note, I seem to have this overwhelming urge to just knit garments lately. I think that’s good, since the last garment I knit for myself was my meadowlark back in 2012. I’ve found some patterns to pair with yarn in my stash, as well as some patterns for yarn that is not yet in my stash but the patterns are too wonderful to pass up. On that note, no more non garments will be cast on, until the ones already on the needles are cast off. And I think that’s acceptable.

Ok, back to the business of a quality weekend. I got to spend some quality time with the man in my life. Dinners, a movie, and a fantastic mountain bike ride at one of our local trails. I am stronger than ever, and it’s my first ride on dirt this year. It feels amazing, I’ve clearly put the necessary work in over the winter. There’s nothing more wonderful as the season warms to realize you are already ahead of the game. It makes every moment I grumbled about the cold worthwhile.

I also spent some quality girl time with my girlfriend Marja. The idea was to teach her how to spin on her wheel. She’s plied on it, and she’s an expert spindle spinner, so she was destined to pick it up without too much fuss. And she did. In no time at all, she had a bobbin close to full of really quite even singles. I hope she keeps up the practice, because it seemed like she was a bit surprised at how fast it went.



She purchased a total of 8 oz. of wool which she assumed would become yarn barf. It hasn’t, and so I think she’s going to have some really fun yarn when she is finished. And be well ready to move on to some of her favorite colored braids.

While she was spinning that, I spun on some crown mountain farms superwash merino. I purchased this from a destash, mostly because I am sad that CMF is no more. I’ve been spinning this up on my support spindles, but since it is a full 8 oz, I am well aware I’ll “never” finish if I don’t work on it elsewhere as well. So, I decided that this one will get wheel time and spindle time, and I’ll appreciate all of that when it comes time to ply.



Being that I am spinning quite thin, my bobbin didn’t fill up quite as much as hers did.

If next weekend is anywhere near the quality time this weekend was, I am going to be a very happy and well adjusted person.

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