Monster Socks

At the beginning of January I took on a project to make socks. Socks in men’s size 13.5. I decided that I should use my favorite sock knitting book, Vintage Socks, and I chose the Gentleman’s half hose in ringwood pattern. I used Cascade Heritage Handpaints for this, and ran into a snag of running out of yarn completely halfway down the foot of the first pair. Apparently, for monster socks, you really do need that second skein.

The fact that they are large isn’t even the only reason I am calling them monster socks. After all, they ate two of my sock needles. I knit socks on two circs, and two of the circs, at different times, the needle pulled completely out from the cable. Quite annoying. Now, if I am logical about this, I will say that most of my sock needles were purchased around the same time, quite a few years ago now, and perhaps the glue that held them in place has just gone old. But it is more fun to blame the monster socks.

I’d had an abundance of sock needles from my crazy sock knitting days, so I haven’t bothered to replace the broken needles. Since I doubt I’ll ever knit socks in such a manic fashion again, it just doesn’t seem necessary.


I must say, they turned out quite lovely and manly and they were worth all the hard work I put into them. Most of all? I am thrilled they are finished. I’ve got a large desire to knit garments FOR MYSELF, and so any projects I can get off the needles now is fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Monster Socks

  1. I’ve had to really make an effort to make things for myself. I make a lot of stuff for other people, but sometimes you just need to show yourself some knitted love too! after all, no one appreciates knitting quite like a knitter.

  2. They are great looking socks, the pattern seems interesting enough to not cause knitter coma. The yarn is one I have heard of only recently (yes I may live under a bit of a rock) but I am surprised at just how wonderful they turned out.Sorry to hear about the demise of sock needles, but small offering in the face of monster sock. (Pretend that was said with a monster sounding voice.) Anyway great job.

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