A New Obsession

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been wanting to knit garments only lately. Garments for me. I began the boxy sweater this week, with the intention to make it tunic length, at least. I am using jojoland melody, a fingering weight superwash wool that mimics the look of handspun. I am currently thrilled with the piece, though I recognize that it may be one of those pieces that if it doesn’t turn out as wonderful as I expect it to, it will be very disappointing.


First, a close of up of the fabric so you can see the current colors.

And, a shot of the very wide back of the piece. I chose to knit this and seam it, rather than knit it in the round, though the pattern gives instructions for both. There were two reasons for this. First, that much knitting in the round might have given me a twitch. Very boring. Second, I was worried that the color changes would get thicker at the sleeves, due to suddenly being worked back and forth, and that would annoy me. Jojoland doesn’t have particularly even color changes anyhow, so it might not matter much. But, in case it did, I wanted to do my best to avoid it.


I am struggling right now to do anything else. No spinning, no knitting on other projects, you can forget weaving. I just want to knit on this tunic. I guess that’s ok, there are no rules.

However, today is a lovely day, and instead of knit all day, it is my plan to ride bike. It may rain the rest of the week, much better for knitting. I must take advantage of today.