I am calling this cowl extraordinary.


It all started with extraordinary yarns in extraordinary colors. The fuzzy stuff being Shibui silk cloud, a combination of mohair and silk, and the smooth yarn is Sweet Georgia cashsilk, a combination of cashmere and silk. To say this cowl soft is an understatement. It is extraordinarily soft, so soft I don’t want to work with merino directly after working on it.

I knit it for a friend of mine, who was willing to trade knitting for childcare. I call that extraordinary as well.

I knit with laceweight yarn on large needles. Despite this, the cowl took a very long time to finish. It was looking extraordinarily wide, so I decided to end it. Rather than staying wide, it lengthened, making it a very normal narrow size, and extraordinarily long. It wraps comfortably 3 times around the neck, and hangs all the way to my knees when only wrapped once. And I am tall.

It is also extraordinarily light. There’s so much that it is not. So much air. It can easily be worn in the summer, but will also be quite warm in the winter. It would even wrap up around the head quite comfortably.

An extraordinary project that I am extraordinarily pleased to be done with and on to something new. Sorry about the extraordinarily poor pictures. It is spring rain and darkness season, and this heads to its new owner in a half hour.