Tunic Progress

Sunday morning, before dye day, I finally finished the back of my tunic. It is HUGE! So large. It will resemble a dress more than a tunic I fear.


There was actually a fair bit more to do at the shoulders than I expected, but because it was a break from the stockinette stitch, and involved short rows, it was a welcome challenge.

The back took just over 4 balls of jojoland melody. I have now started my third ball of yarn for the front of the tunic. So, hopefully I’ll be able to finish the front within a week. I can usually manage to knit about 2 balls of yarn in a week. Then I’ve just got a whole mess of seaming, 2 sleeves, and a collar band to do and I’ll be all set.

Since the yarn for my next tunic arrived this week, the timing seems appropriate!