Tunic Update

I’ve been knitting away on my tunic all week. I am working on the front, and have now reached 28 inches. I need to work to 37 inches before I can start the shoulder shaping. You’d think that all this stockinette would be killing me at this point, as I’ve been working on this almost exclusively for 3 weeks. But it still holds my interest even now.


It is true that I could be farther along on this, but I’ve been doing a lot of biking. I’d venture to say almost too much biking. But, the weather is improving finally and thus my desire to bike is higher. So, I am going to push on, despite the sore muscles and lungs, and the feeling that I just can’t quite get up to the speeds I’d prefer. In the end, I’ll be stronger for it.

Have a glorious weekend everyone, I hope the weather where you are is absolutely divine.