Quite Boxy

We’ve been hit by a fever here at Chez Shells. Miss Bug has had one for 2 days now, causing two days off of work for me. I think she’ll be ok to go back tomorrow, as her fever broke just about an hour ago.

This has given me a bit of extra knitting time, however. On the first day off, I finished the front of the boxy tunic, which we should really now just call a dress, and seamed the shoulders. Today I knit the collar/neckline and seamed the sides. I also wove in almost all of the ends.


The way it looks right now, it is boxy indeed! All that is left to knit is the sleeves now. However, I’ve got this to work with:



Really not much. But I don’t love the idea of ordering one more skein of yarn, so this will have to do. Or I’ll make do. One of the two, and probably a little of both.

Then it’s on the blocking and wearing and starting the next!

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