I did it!

I finally finished my Boxy tunic. At a point, I was worried it was more dress like. I worried I would run out of yarn, and I basically did seeing as I had 3 strands of yarn left at the end, none of them in useable lengths. When I tried the finished item on, I hated it. I tried belting it. It didn’t work for me.

I thought it over for awhile. I figured, if I really hated the length, I could change it. I’d take off the ribbing at the bottom, and rip up to a length I liked, then knit the ribbing back on from the bottom.

It seemed like a lot of work, but perhaps less work than trying to unseam the entire thing, and remove length from the top on down.

I threw it in the water for a soak. This did not help anything. An item that was at my knees upon finishing, was now lower than my knees. But, I figured, hey, superwash wool sometimes REALLY loves the dryer, so I threw it in there. And ended up with a length I could live with.


The biggest issue now is the curling of the ribbing at the bottom, but perhaps a careful steam block will help that. I am totally wearing this tomorrow! Oh, and I already purchased my next Joji pattern, and anticipate starting it tomorrow.



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