Boxy Revisited

So, after I finished the boxy tunic (dress) I decided I hated the length it was at. I wore it for a day that way, but I still didn’t think I’d wear it in general.

Fortunately, there was a Peter Gabriel movie. Or, to be more specific, Mr. Ink and his best buddy wanted me to go with them to a showing of a Peter Gabriel movie. One night only. The thing is, I really don’t know his music at all, and as it is with so much from the ’80s, connecting with it in 2014 just isn’t going to happen. I went because they paid my way. However, I sat through the majority of the movie eating popcorn and thinking about my boxy sweater. I realized that I could deconstruct it from the bottom up. All I’d have to do is cut off the ribbing, which wasn’t laying flat anyhow, and then I could rip up the stockinette, pick up the stitches, and knit the ribbing back on.

I cut:


I ripped. I ripped a lot!


And I reknit. I don’t yet have pictures. However, I also knit about double the amount of ribbing it requires in the hopes that it will lay flat. It is no longer a tunic, it’s a sweater. BUT…it’s a sweater I like and will wear, so that’s a win in my book.

In other news, yesterday Mr. Ink and I participated in a local mud run. As it takes place at a ski hill, it was a fabulously hilly course. This was his first mud run, but my second. It was nice, this time, to have someone with me helping me with obstacles I struggled with, and to wipe the dirt out of my eyes. We had a great time, and while I said this would be my last mud run, I suspect it might be something we do together once in awhile. We had a great time.


Selfie after our first attempt at cleaning up. I might add that my shirt used to be white.

I got a bit burned, and of course my entire body aches today. Add to that the fact that I am coming down with the cold and cough Miss Bug has had for the past week, and it turned out that revisiting the boxy tunic was the perfect activity for today. Not to mention all the rain we had. So, Boxy pictures after the weather clears.