Maxnome Foe

I have a project I’ve been working on. It’s the Multnomah shawlette out of handspun. The handspun is a 2 ply sort of laceweight. It’s bfl/silk, and the colorway was maxnome foe from one of dyeabolical’s unclubs. You might remember it from when I began the magrathea shawlette. However, I ended up ripping that out completely due to my inability to read the pattern. (That’s a bit of a theme lately.)

I ended up having plenty of yarn for a couple extra repeats, and so I improvised quite a bit. The results are quite stunning, muted in a beautiful way.

20140505-162741.jpg 20140505-162735.jpg 20140505-162729.jpg

I’ve started a few other things too, and I can’t wait to show you them. It helps that I am no longer sick and miserable, the whole world seems like a better place!