Last year I knit a lintilla shawlette out of handspun. I knit it while I was on vacation at my parent’s house. I finished it up once I got home, and it was just gorgeous. I then went on vacation in New Mexico that fall, and I gave away that shawlette to my cousin. I knew she’d wear it well and it would look amazing on her. However, I am still in love with the pattern and the shawlette.

While I was on vacation in New Mexico, I spun on my Julie Spins Merino Silk blend. I ended up with a 3 ply laceweight. It was also just gorgeous.

Well, while I was thinking about what I would need to pack as an easy project for an upcoming vacation, I thought what better pairing than a lintilla with the julie spins merino/silk yarn? It will be easy to knit on, easy to carry, and then I’ll have a shawl of beauty once I am done.


My small beginnings. I am now in a nice rhythm and will have no trouble traveling patternless.