Not a lot of knitting was done

In my last post, I talked a bit about an upcoming vacation. I took a spindle, some wool, and the lintilla shawlette to work on. Knowing full well that time to work on them would be extremely limited, and that I had so much other stuff to pack, I packed quite light.

Because THIS vacation had nothing at all to do with fiber arts. It was a different kind of vacation for me. Mr. Ink and I went with his two brothers to Utah to do some mountain biking, hiking, and camping. We rented full suspension mountain bikes, and a large vehicle, packed all our gear in there, and had at it. It really was a wonderful trip, full of fantastic views and amazing experiences. I think I’ll take a couple days and try to some up some of the trip, and post a few pictures.

We flew into Las Vegas and met the guys there. We immediately left for St. George, Utah, where we grabbed a hotel room for the night, then off to Hurricane, Utah to pick up our bikes.


From there, we headed up to Gooseberry Mesa to do some primitive camping and mountain biking. We were fortunate to find a fantastic camp sight that would fit all our tents, as well as the vehicle. I expected it to be quite busy up there, due to the weather being amazing, but really there weren’t many campers. We chose a spot right on the ledge of the Mesa, making for some fantastic views.

20140514-152812.jpg 20140514-152802.jpg 20140514-152743.jpg


We did a bunch of biking, and I have some pictures of that I am saving for another time. However, the views above? That’s what I was able to sit and look at during the evening while I spun on my spindle. It was quite blissful.

While spring is only beginning here, in Utah, everything was blooming beautifully.

20140514-152752.jpg 20140514-152846.jpg 20140514-153040.jpg

Not only was everything blooming, but there were hummingbirds all over, drinking from the flowers. As we rode along the slickrock of the mesa, it almost looked as if it had been landscaped, so beautiful was the vegetation. There were tiny little lizards running along the slickrock. I so badly wanted pictures, but was unable to capture them as they were just too fast.

Tomorrow, more views and some description of our first day of biking.