3 days of biking, day 1

We had our rental bikes for 3 days. Our first day, we were on a mesa and we were able to ride around the slickrock up there. There were many trails, and they were a bit confusing. Our bikes were full suspension which isn’t something I love, but it is nice, very nice, on the unforgiving slickrock. That being said, when you take a tumble, the rock is still unforgiving.


In between all the rocks were some sandy bits of trail, and they looked like they’d been landscaped all around the trail. The vegetation was so beautiful there, as was the red dirt. I did not find it particularly easy to ride on the slickrock, and would have needed more time there to get used to all this. However, what I did ride, I very much enjoyed even though I often got off my bike and walked as well. The trails would take us out to various points on the edge of the mesa, affording us some amazing views.

20140515-145000.jpg 20140515-144948.jpg

I don’t much like heights (actually, I am quite fearful of them) and so I tended to try to stay away from the edges as much as possible. But, since everything was wide open, I could generally get some good photos anyhow. We had this photo taken of us while we were out there.


We then did some easier double track riding. I’d describe it much like gravel riding with large slabs of slickrock thrown in. This was much more to my taste, especially since we started by going uphill. I like my uphills quite a bit. And in fact, I only barely registered that we were going uphill for such a long while, so the downhill became quite a surprise. At one point, Mr. Ink and his brother decided to try a more complicated trail, while I and the other brother decided to take the easier way down, flying down the hill we’d climbed earlier, jumping off slickrock ledges that had been hazards on the way up. Great fun! I was ready to turn around and do that one again. When we met up again, the first larger injury of the weekend had been achieved. I’d already fallen, but my scrapes were pretty minimal. Mr. Ink ran into a tree pretty hard.


Thankfully, the swelling went down by the next morning, no harm done. Pretty fantastic stuff, and so completely unlike anything I’d ridden before. I biked in New Mexico last fall, but even that was more sand, with just a bit of the slickrock thrown in. This was completely unknown riding to me. Unable to get enough of the views and the terrain, Mr. Ink and I took a long walk after dinner as the sun was setting, wandering off the trails and into the wilderness of the mesa. After that, we sat around the fire in exhaustion enjoying nature at its finest.