Hiking, day #4

After handing in our bikes, we headed to Zion National Park for camping and hiking. We got our spot, and I was surprised to realize quite suddenly that if the option is primitive camping involving very few people, or camping that has the comfort of real bathrooms, but surrounded by people, I am choosing the primitive camping.

Mr. Ink, somewhat annoyed that our head seemed lower than our feet on the mesa, made sure we didn’t make that mistake again.


We were soon set up, though a bit squished in a tiny camp site.


There were so many people, and a couple campsites over, a number of very young children. (I might add that there is a rule that you are not to have more than 6 people per site, an there were more than 6 children alone at that site.) This may have been one of the reasons I struggled with this type of camping. It was extremely loud.

There were also other visitors.


These mule deer were very friendly and had no trouble grazing among the sites.

The rough night was tempered though, by the first view from the tent in the morning. I opened the door to this:


Really spectacular.

I made the joke that the park was the Las Vegas of nature, as we headed up on a shuttle to do some hiking. Because of our thunder mountain experience, we decided we didn’t need anymore extreme hiking, so we chose moderate hikes instead. I did not feel in danger on these hikes, and the views were spectacular. I took pictures, but it seems like all of mine just don’t capture what it was actually like. However, when we were through with hiking and wandering around the gift shop before heading back to Las Vegas, I told Mr. Ink that I REALLY must come back.  I absolutely did not get enough of hiking and I hoped for more someday in the future.

And I finally leave you with one picture of spinning. Spinning I’d been working on a bit during the vacation. Pictured with a spindle bowl I picked up in Zion National Park.


The fiber is crown mountain farms superwash wool. I have a totaly of 8 oz, and have been working on it pretty consistently since my return. It seems I might actually have yarn to show off at some point, if we’d quite traveling!

I’ll have a vacation wrap up post tomorrow. And then we can get on to that which I’ve been doing since then.