Vacation Wrap Up

I’d had so much more fear on my vacation than I ever thought I could handle. My two major fears are heights and snakes. I had my fill of heights, so it made me very happy to realize I’d gone an entire vacation in the desert without seeing a snake. However, I did see the most fabulous lizards! I’d heard that lizards can get quite large on the mesa, but I didn’t see large ones. Only small and extremely fast ones. I kept trying to get pictures, but it didn’t really happen. Thankfully,¬†once Mr. Ink’s brother heard that I was disappointed about not seeing as many lizards as I’d like, he was on a mission to get a few pictures.


This guy was really small. This is a picture taken in Zion park, but the same type I was seeing on the mesa I believe.

Then in Red Canyon we saw this one.


And again at Zion:


I am sure if we’d been looking in the right places, we’d have seen even more. They were really wonderful.

After our hiking in Zion, we headed to Las Vegas for the night. I have to admit, I was so exhausted from the trip that I didn’t want to go out. I crashed on the car ride to Vegas and was still super sleepy. However, the hotel had a hot tub, and the weather was warm, unlike the weather in Utah. So Mr. Ink convinced me to soak in the hot tub. While that was happening, one of the brothers procured me a bottle of bourbon, and thus energized, we headed to the old Vegas. After so many days in nature, everything was a bit overstimulating. But, we wandered about, did a bunch of walking and talking and goofing off, then noticed a little restaurant called Nacho Mamma. We had to try it. And, thus, we had the culinary highlight of our trip, two big plates of amazing nachos.



We all stayed up quite late our last night of vacation, and it was entirely worth it.

On the way to the airport, Mr. Ink and I joked about us being the only couple who would go to Vegas, never see the strip, and do absolutely no gambling. However, at the airport he decided to play some slots. He put $10 in and walked away with $30 in his pocket, so that went well.

And now for your crafting photo of today. This is the lintilla shawlette. I started it before I left. I worked on it only in the airport and on the plane. I felt like I didn’t get much done at all, but in the end my progress was more than I expected. I’ve not touched it since vacation, so it just sits at this point.