A whole mess of singles! I’ve finished the spinning of 8 oz. of crown mountain farms superwash merino. I must say, I prefer the singles to the wool, so I am hoping a lovely 3 ply will really make this yarn amazing.


Yes, I spun this on spindles and on the wheel. I just figured that any time I could dedicate toward spinning on a full 8 oz was good, and I wasn’t going to discriminate about HOW that got done. Though it did make me realize that I am still a much much better wheel spinner than I am a spindle spinner. My wheel spun yarns are so consistent and fabulous. My spindle spun yarns are far less consistent. Though that may be more an issue of my own very critical eye. That being said, I am sure that when I combine them all, it will work out to be perfectly lovely and serviceable yarn.

For those of you who have spun crown mountain farms before, you know that there’s a side of it that is more saturated than the other. That’s the case with every crown mountain farms I’ve ever got my hands on. If you split it down the middle, you’ll have a light side and a dark side. To counteract that, I just pulled strips out of the bunch randomly, mixing the light and the dark all together. So, we’ll see how that works out. That being said, I now wish to get my hands on some crown mountain farms that I spun from one end to the other, chain ply, and see how an overall gradient of the colors worked out. But, with them being out of business, that may never happen for me.

How about you, if you are a spindle and wheel spinner, do you find you get more consistency with one over the other? And if so, which one, and which have you been doing longer?


2 thoughts on “Singles

  1. I’m way better on a wheel, though I started with a spindle. I think I have better control over the singles on my wheel, but I still use my spindle for chain plying!

    • I think it does have something to do with being able to power the thing with your feet and devote consistent drafting concentration to the wool with both hands. Of course, that’s just my experience, and others may be more awesome on the spindle.

      Also, I wonder sometimes if it has to do with the attitude. Meaning, when I am at my wheel, I’m all business. When I am at my support spindles, I am usually with my feet up, casually messing around. I think I care less.

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