Off Again

Only a few days after our Utah trip, we were off on another day trip. We drove about 2 hours to a state park for a local unsanctioned mountain bike race. Mr. Ink raced, and while I’d considered doing so myself, chose not to due to a really poor performance on the local dirt trails a couple days before. My body was shot from the Utah trip and I hurt all over.

However, we decided to make a day of it. First the race, then a picnic, and then some hiking on the trails. We took Miss Bug and the dog, who is an old boy at 16. But, he’s still quite spry despite a bit of arthritis, and he’s a gentle sweet thing.


Into the car he went, in the back seat with Miss Bug, who decided to allow him to play Barbies with her. She’d hold up two outfits, and whichever outfit the dog would put his nose on would be the chosen outfit.


And thus, she was royally entertained on the drive.

Now, this lovely dog, while always patient with Miss Bug, hasn’t been overly loving toward her. He’s kind of skeptical toward her. However, Miss Bug decided he was “her” dog during the race, and walked him around for over an hour, where ever he wanted to go.



Meanwhile, I did some spinning, and watched the racers come through.


After that, Miss Bug was rewarded wholeheartedly in the car by a dog that wanted to get all the way up on her lap, though he only managed about halfway. She couldn’t have been more thrilled.


And thus, their friendship was solidified before we even headed out to hike.


On the ride home, I fought to stay awake, while Mr. Ink snoozed and Miss Bug doted on the dog some more. Once home, I was in need of one epic nap.